Rainbow Waterdrops (2007)

Ein Tanzstück von Norman Douglas mit der LTT-Company

We live in a world that is not what it seems. We are forced to make decisions about love, pleasure, pain, longing to be loved, in a second often with disastrous outcomes. This work should be viewed as you would view a small art movie, people, spaces, places and situations move in and out of focus giving a small glimpse of different times, thoughts and desires. Nothing is, as it seems...

My hands see you in darkened dreams as my eye lashes flicker across the Rainbow Water Drops, the music smells the chocolate aroma that lingers with perfumed joy, flowers that laugh at love, kissing the sunrise like a pair of sad ears that no longer smell you. The pleasure of love touches my lips like butterflies dancing a tango with white feathered wings.
Do You Love Me? Do You Really Love Me????????

Thank you to Steffi for all support and commitment and secondly to the dancers for the trust, commitment and support that they gave me in this projekt. (Norman Douglas)

Choreografie Norman Douglas
Musik Big Border Breaker, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Underworld, Jan Garbarek
Musikschnitt veroflash productions
Bodybuilder Enrico Lückemann, Alexander Rothe, Jens Schneider
Licht Ralf Riechert

Foto: Stefan Hoyer